Renault Kwid On-road Price

With various car models coming to the forefront, it has become easier for customers to choose from a lot of variants and go for the right car that suits the budget perfectly. From the house of Renaults, a new model with various unique specifications has been on the bucket list for a lot of car lovers. Introducing the new Renault Kwid, a first class sedan, that has all the needed comfort and luxury possible. From mileage to seat comfort, this car has it all. The Renault Kwid price varies depending upon the variants that the customer wishes to opt for. A quick look at the different price options and specifications of the car can help in figuring out as to how exactly the car stands out in comparison to other models in the car industry.

The Renault kwid price list and its various specificities:

Since the car has recently made its way to the forefront, most car lovers have their eyes on this model simply because of its design and price factor. This car has two petrol engines to offer which adds to the big plus point. With a mileage of 25kmpl to 27kmpl, the car has both manual and automatic transmission. When it comes to the price on-road, the car has several options to offer depending upon the capacity of the petrol tank. Normally, the price range hovers between 2.6 lakhs to 2.8 lakhs excluding insurance and other costs. This range is accompanied with STD 0.9 petrol. However, a closer look at the full on-road cost of the car will give a smart assessment of the budget when opting to buy one.

  • For Renault Kwid RCL899 cc, manual, petrol, 25kmpl, the initial price is around 3.6 lakhs. The total on-road price along with insurance would, therefore, arrive near 3.8 lakhs to 3.9 lakhs.
  • For Renault Kwid RXT Driver Airbag 899cc, manual, petrol, 26kmpl, the original price is 3.8 lakhs. The inclusion of insurance and other fees would make the total amount to rupees 4 lakhs.
  • For Renault Kwid 2.0 RXT 999cc manual, petrol, 25kmpl, the initial price range is between 4.1 lakhs to 4.2 lakhs. With all other costs included, the on-road price of the car would come to rupees 4.4 lakhs.

Keeping in mind the car model, mileage and engine capacity, the on-road Renault Kwid price differs. It’s therefore mandatory to choose the right car within the specific budget to suit all the needs of that dream car.


The final verdict on the Renault Kwid:

Since the car has so much to offer like an airbag and seat protector, its light metal body might slightly add to the disadvantage. However, keeping aside all negative factors, the car has definitely soared its way into the hearts of all with its overall performance. The comfort and convenience of the car are excellent and for all, it’s the system that fits well into the new generation of car models that promise effective price and luxury at the same time.


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