Life Is Good When You Own The 7 Inch Car Stereo System

A complete navigation, communication, and entertainment solution are in a solid 7 Inch Car Stereo Player with GPS + DAB-T (100mm tall) unit. This car stereo system comes with GPS functionality, a CD / DVD player, Bluetooth pairing, USB and SD card slots, and bipod connector and has a built-in DAB-T tuner to receive digital TV wherever it’s available. Driving is about to take on a whole new level of fun with this incredible all in one car AV package!

If you love your car and want to make it a pleasure palace on wheels, you’ll love this 7 Inch Car Stereo with GPS and DVB-T. Its onboard WIN CE operating system supports most of today’s most popular 7 Inch GPS Navigation software titles and functions like intelligent route planning, points of interest suggestions, the ability to download changes submitted by millions of other GPS users. Add to that an extra long 3 meter magnetic GPS antenna and you’ve got yourself an invitation to take to the open road and never look back. Great news for people who like to hit the road without a plan!

This 7 Inch Car Stereo features a built-in region-free DVD player and a FM transmitter for sending audio directly to your car stereo for the incredible sound your cars own sound system can provide. The headrests also have a 3.5mm earphone jack, and the ability to play CD’s, digital media via SD card or USB input, and can play NES ROM’s burnt to disc. Other great features include AV IN and AV OUT, adjustable struts for the easy installation, and an all in one kit featuring everything you will need to quickly and easily install this great addition to your family car. Order yours now and keep your backseat passengers entertained while you concentrate on the road. A great gift for the whole family!

An impressive Double Din 7 DVD GPS complete in-car communication and multimedia system with responsive touch screen convenience on a large 7 inch screen. This attractive dual zone unit comes with car DVD, CD and multi-disk playback, analog TV and RDS enabled radio, a host of multimedia options including SD card, USB drive support, and iPod support for all your favorite video and audio, Bluetooth cell phone functionality, and much more for an unrivaled in car experience at a irresistible wholesale price.

Yes, life is good when you own the7 Inch Car Stereo system because you’re in total control. Input your commands by remote control or touch screen. Whatever you choose, you’re the boss. In fact, call your boss right now and tell him you’re not feeling well and cruise on over the nearest golf course. But you don’t need to pick up your cell phone. Did you forget? You have already Bluetooth paired your mobile phone to the in-car system so you can talk through the built-in MIC or hear your caller through your car speakers.

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The Things Consumers Should Look For In A Mobile Oil Change Service

The Growing Mobile Oil Change Business

With the continuing increase in car sales today, it is no wonder that people are coming up with more innovative business ideas in the auto industry. One of those is what is most commonly called mobile oil change service. It is basically a business where people come to your place and perform an oil change on your vehicle and some other routine checks also.

As bizarre as it may seem at first, this service does make a lot of sense. It is perfect for workaholics who do not have the of time to take their vehicle to a mechanic to receive an oil change. Those who don’t work would also be delighted with this idea as they can now have their vehicle’s oil changed at the their own home while they work on their household chores or simply relax.

Mobile oil change service is actually an excellent idea, for both the consumer and the mechanic. Just imagine how many people you know that have vehicles that will need an oil change every now and then. That means a mechanic that can do the job right will always have a steady supply of business.

What to Look for in an Oil Change Company

With the boost in automotive sales today also comes a major increase in those offering various mechanic services. However, caution should still be taken in choosing which service provider to go with.

It is your responsibility to make sure that the mechanic you will choose can provide a quality and professional service. They should be reliable, efficient, and EPA compliant. A very useful tip that is worth knowing is the fact that a professional and authentic mechanic is fully insured.

In addition to those stated above, here are the other equally important characteristics to look for in a mechanic:

??? Composed of qualified and certified lube technicians to ensure proper handling of your vehicle.

??? Available even after usual work hours at your most convenient time.

??? Performs preventative maintenance and routine checks.

??? Maintains vehicle warranty.

??? Services all types of vehicles – this ensures they are indeed knowledgeable in what they do.

When choosing a service, don’t base your decision simply because they had captivating ads. Do some research and pick a company that has a great reputation with people you know and trust.

On that note, be wary of cheap prices posted. It is important to remember that it is not about the pricing, it is about the qualifications of the mechanic that you should consider first and foremost.

How Not to Spend a Fortune on Car Repair?

Owning and running a car has always been an expensive business, now more so than ever in today’s difficult financial climate. The bizarre statistic which really stands out to many car owners is that (especially when you purchase a second hand cars), the repairs and upkeep when added up over a few years can actually work out to be even more than the car is worth! It is therefore extremely worthwhile to learn some basic aspects of car maintenance. Nowadays it is easy to get your hands on a manual, there are online ones available for all makes and models so if you are looking for a Volvo repair manual or an Audi repair manual. If and inevitably when you need to call on the experts for help there are many different factors you need to take into consideration when paying, for example –


Fixing a car is very labour intensive. Add this to paying for the actual car part(s) and you will find that you sometimes can be paying a fortune for what could be an easy job. Of course cars mechanics are very specialised and will do a great job however for a smaller job, you could potentially do it yourself!


As touched upon above, parts can be expensive. Older or more exclusive car parts certainly cost a great deal more than their average equivalents. Why not save money by getting a professional evaluation of your cars and then order the parts online if they do need to be fitted professionally. This can save as much as 30% in comparison with buying the equivalent from a garage!

Learn Basic Car Maintenance

Perhaps the most obvious and inexpensive option for fixing your car is to learn basic car maintenance. There are many different routes to finding the information which you need to succeed in your quest to diagnose and repair and cars problem. A quick look online will direct you to online manual downloads. From a Volvo repair manual to an Audi repair manual, there are many to choose from. The benefit of ordering a cars manual online is that it takes second to order, pay and download your purchase. This is so much handier than having to stop what you are doing and having to go down to the shop on foot due to your car being out of action!

Auto Repair-modern-day Cars Tend to be Complicated

Modern-day cars tend to be complicated, since many car producers are utilizing higher technologies to create the actual vehicles stronger. Nevertheless, becoming devices, cars additionally experience the typical difficulties associated with complete breakdowns. Fixing autos can be quite complicated as well as discovering somebody competent to create the right maintenance has become even more complicated. You may know that prevention is preferable to remedy.

Likewise, the easiest method to prevent auto repair costs will be ready and also to generate understanding of exactly how your automobile functions as well as how you can determine typical vehicle difficulties. You’ll want to understand a great specialist, the actual types of queries to request, as well as your customer privileges. Deciding on the best repair center may be the hardest component, as well as the easiest method to repair this issue is actually through requesting suggestions through buddies, loved ones, along with other individuals a person believe in.

It’s possible to help to make phone inquiries for top offer, as well as evaluate guarantee guidelines upon maintenance. Whilst selecting a car specialist, search for stores which show numerous qualifications, as an Automotive Service Excellence seal. Accreditation helps to ensure that the actual specialists tend to be familiar with the fundamental requirements associated with understanding as well as abilities within preferred specialized section.

There are lots of things in your life that you could rely on, as well as probably the most typical things that you are able to rely on is actually vehicle difficulty. It would appear that correct whenever you do not have anything within the banking account; your vehicle stops working upon cue.

There is not truly something that you can do about this, however there are several choices that are offered that will help purchase the actual maintenance that the vehicle requirements. Previously, you can simply request a few buddies or even members of the family for that assist, however lately there have been lots of businesses available which have started to provide the funding choice for those who require their own cars repaired. Very few individuals possess actually truly heard about a car repair loan, however it is definitely obtainable, as well as happens to be an extremely appealing provide for people within monetary difficulty.

This kind of mortgage usually is available in two various types and something choice will probably be a lot more costly compared to additional. Both primary kinds of car restore financial loans would be the personal bank loan, and also the payday loan. You will find main variations between your two choices; therefore it is crucial to comprehend all of them before you decide to come to a decision regarding which to make use of.